Parking Tickets

Appeal Citation

You may appeal a citation, if you believe the vehicle was written by mistake or not in violation. Appeal must be requested within thirty (30) days of it being written.

Pay a Citation

The Parking Division currently accepts checks, cash, money orders, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover at the customer service window. You can now also pay citations through the Iowa State Parking Portal. Please do not send cash through the mail or when utilizing the drop box at 2519 Osborn Drive, 27 Armory Building, Ames, IA 50011.


List of violations and their fines.


Description of each parking violation.

Vehicle was Towed

Vehicles may be towed from campus lots for a variety of reasons including parked in a 24hr reserve stall, illegally parked, blocking traffic among other violations.

Ticketing Guidelines

Iowa State University enforces the State of Iowa motor vehicle laws on campus. We use general guidelines to control traffic flow on university property. There are very few lots available around academic and administrative buildings on campus. To facilitate pedestrian traffic, campus streets must be controlled to allow only vehicles that are essential, everyday operations of the university (such as sanitation trucks, CyRide, etc.). Access is restricted as a regulation of traffic, not parking. Parking rules and regulations remain in affect whether or not access is restricted (i.e., whether the gates are open or closed).

The university shall give written notice of all parking violations. Such notice may be given as a parking violation placed on the offending vehicle, and the notice shall constitute constructive notice of the violation to the owner and operator of the vehicle and to any person in whose name the vehicle is registered or parking privileges have been granted.

Violations that continue for more than one hour may receive additional sanctions. Sanctions may be assessed against the owner or operator of the vehicle involved in each violation or against any person in whose name the vehicle is registered or parking privileges have been granted and charged to the violator's university account. Sanctions may be added to student tuition bills or may be deducted from student deposits or from the salaries or wages of employees or from other funds in the possession of the university.