Altering or Forging

Permit expiration date or lot number appears to have been changed.


Permit appears like ours, but is not a real permit.

Unauthorized Possession and Use

A visitor permit is displayed on a staff or student vehicle, a staff permit is displayed on a student vehicle. A permit that was sold to another person being displayed on the wrong car.

Illegal Parking

Vehicle parked along a yellow curb, fire lane, hatched area, not in a stall.

Improper Parking:

  • As Signed
    Vehicle is parked in an area restricted according to the sign.
  • No Appropriate Permit
    Vehicle is parked without the appropriate parking permit.
  • Loading Zone
    Vehicle was parked in a load zone longer than the allotted time.
  • Over the Stall Line
    Vehicle is parked over the stall line.

Overtime Parking at Meters

Vehicle is parked in an expired metered stall.

Parking Without an Appropriate Permit in a Reserved Lot or Space

Parked in a reserved space without a reserve permit.

Improper Affixing or Failure to Display a Permit

Parked with a permit, but the decal is not permanently attached to the lower driver's side windshield, or not hanging the permit from the rearview mirror.

Failure to Purchase a Parking Receipt

Parked in a pay by stall space without paying the prepay parking machines.

Improper Parking in a Space or Stall Designated for Persons with Disabilities

Parked in a medical accessible parking stall without a medical permit.

Failure to Display a Current Bicycle Registration

Bicycle parked on campus without a free bicycle registration sticker. Bicycle Registration Form

Bicycle Improperly Parked

Bicycle parked in any place other than a bicycle rack.