People visiting campus or people on campus are not exempt from parking regulations. They must either park at a parking meter/pay by stall on campus or obtain a visitor permit and park in the proper lots.

Visitor Permits

Visitor permits can be obtained online at this website. General Staff and most Reserve parking lots open at 5:30pm Monday - Friday and weekends. Student Residence halls and apartment parking lots are reserved 24 hours a day and need a Vistior Permit to park everyday of the week.  Please purchase according to where you want to park.  Please click on the right side of the Main Web Page - Visitor Permit.  The Visitor must fill out the online form and provide vehicle information and enter credit card information.  It will then allow you to print the permit to put on your dash. There may be limited parking available in student lots on game days. 

    Paying to Park

    There are three main lots on campus that are pay-by-the-hour:

    Lot 100, Lot 21, and the upper level of the East Campus Parking Deck. Lot 100 is on the East side of campus near the Lied Rec Center. Lot 21 is on the west side of campus, next to the Armory. The East Campus Parking Deck is located on Union Drive near Forker Building, or across from East and Heady Halls. There are also meters in several of the lots on campus. Please read the signs and time limits on the meters carefully.

    Pay parking is also available at the Memorial Union Parking Ramp. Entrances are from the south off of Lincoln Way and from the North off of Union Drive.

    Parkmobile Pay by Stall 

    Download the Parkmoble App on your phone and you pay for your parking from your phone.  This is valid for pay by stall lots and parking meters on campus.  


    Smart Cards for Pay by stall lots and parking meters are available

    Smart Cards are available at the Parking Division - 27 Armory. Cardholders can put cash up to $150 cash on a card. There is a $5.00 one time fee to purchase the Smart Card and you can add money at anytime by stopping by 27 Armory. The cards are valid at pre-pay stalls in lots 21 (West of the Armory) and 100 (West of the Lied Center) and the East Campus Parking Deck and parking meters.

    This card is not valid at the Memorial Union Parking Ramp.

    If the card is lost or broken, we can not retreive any money that was on the card.

    Selected Hours of Enforcement

    During evenings, weekends and holidays certain lots are open for use by the general public; however, the medical/handicapped stalls, 24 hour all hours all days stalls, and other specifically restricted stalls are enforced.

    Visitor Voids

    Begining July 1, 2018 we will allow one visitor void per person in a life time.

    Special policies govern citations issued to VISITORS on the ISU campus. Visitors are not able to visitor void any Medical, Altering/Counterfeiting, Unauthorized Possession or Illegal Parking Violations. Any person who operates a vehicle titled/registered to faculty, staff or student will not be covered by visitor status.

    For further information please see: Visitor Voids