Citation Appeal

The appeals process is designed to accommodate special circumstances after receiving a citation.



Appeals will NOT be granted for any of the following reasons:

  • expired meter
  • forgetfulness
  • only parked for a short time
  • vehicle was parked by another individual
  • failure to see parking signs
  • Paid with ParkMobile after citation was written

If you prefer to make a hand-written appeal you may download and print a copy of the Citation Appeal Form (PDF) to submit to the Parking Office in person or by mail (27 Armory Bldg | 2519 Osborn Dr | Ames, IA 50011-1049).

    Citations must be appealed within 75 days of the ticket being written.  The citation is not available to be appealed after 75 days. After a final decision of the Traffic Appeals Board, you may request an administrative hearing in writing or in person.

    Traffic Appeals Board

    The Traffic Appeals Board reads and rules on appeals of parking citations issued by the Parking Division. The members of the Traffic Appeals Board consist of representatives from the various employee groups as follows:

    • One member from the Supervisory and Confidential staff
    • Two members from merit staff
    • Two members of the Professional and Scientific staff
    • Two members of the Faculty
    • 2 student representatives appointed by the GSB