Bicycle Information

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As with motor vehicle parking, the parking of bicycles must also be controlled to keep the campus safe and convenient for everyone. These regulations are intended to prevent bicycles from parking in areas of high pedestrian traffic, areas that could cause a safety hazard, or could be disruptive to other people.

  1. Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle racks provided. They must not be parked on lawns or sidewalks; chained to trees, light poles, fences, benches, etc. Bicycles that are improperly parked may be impounded by cutting and removing a locking device when necessary. Of particular concern are bicycles parked on disability access ramps. Bicycles found on these ramps will be immediately removed and impounded.
  2. Bicycles that are considered abandoned will be impounded. They may be removed by cutting the locking device, when necessary.
  3. Bicycles must not be taken inside any university building except those authorized by the Department of Public Safety.



Serial Number Locations

The best chance at recovering a stolen bicycle is having a registered serial number. These numbers are used by police within the City of Ames. You need the manufacturer's serial number to register your bicycle.





  1. Underside of crank
  2. Headset
  3. Rear stays
  4. Seat downtube next to crank
  5. Top of crank




    Bicycle Impound Policy

    ISU Parking Division will tag bikes that appear abandoned. After two weeks any bikes that still have the tag attached will be subject to impoundment for 90 days. If the bike is not claimed with in the 90 days it will go to Asset Recovery and be sold.

    Bicycle Lockers

    Bicycle Lockers are available to rent for $15/year. These lockers are located at Ames Intermodal Facility, on the West side of campus. Please contact ISU Parking Division for current availability.

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    Bicycle Paths & Racks

    Your bicycle must be parked in a rack. Multiple parking racks are located across campus close to most buildings. There are some designated bike lanes on campus to help navigate bicycle traffic.

    Report a Missing Bicycle

    If you know your bicycle was tagged as abandoned and it is now missing, please contact the Parking Division office. If you believe your bicycle has been stolen please call ISU Police Non-Emergency line at 515-294-4428 to report the theft.

    Please have the following information:

    • Last known location
    • Serial number
    • Permit number (if applicable)
    • Good description of the bicycle (make, model, color, style)