Permit Agreement


I have read and understand the following:


Iowa State University has 3 Parking Enforcement Vehicles equipped with License Plate Recognition cameras. The vehicles can cover the entire campus multiple times per day. The cameras read the license plates and then cross reference the license plate with the permit database to determine if you have a permit for the location you are parked.


I understand I am only eligible for the permits and parking rights specified by my status as a Student, Faculty/Staff, University Affiliate or Visitor. 


When you pay to park at Iowa State University, you are only renting a space for your vehicle. You are not paying us to protect your vehicle or its contents. You assume the risk of your vehicle and/or its contents being stolen or damaged. You also agree that if your vehicle or its contents are stolen or damaged, you will not ask Iowa State to pay for your loss.

License Plates and Permits

  • In most cases your "permit" is your license plate.
  • It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to notify the Parking Division of their most current license plate and vehicle information. Failure to update license plate and vehicle information will result in a fine. 
  • License plate must be clear of snow, dirt, and other debris. Failure to clearly display your vehicle's license plate will also result in a fine. 
  • You may only park in the lot(s) allowed by your "permit".
  • DO NOT add University Vehicles, rental vehicles, or loaner vehicles to your personal account. Please fill out the Short Term Replacement Vehicle Form instead. If your rental is longer than a week, please contact the parking office to determine what your permit options are.

Multiple Vehicles

Permits and parking rights are only allowed for one vehicle on ISU campus at a time. If multiple vehicles are found on campus attempting to use the same parking rights, the second vehicle found will receive a citation. 


For a complete list of parking rules set in place by the Board of Regents State of Iowa, click here

For a complete list of permits and where they are valid, click here.

Permit Refund Policy

Permit refunds prorated and are different for each permit. Please visit our website for current rates at prorated prices. 

Visitor Permits

  1. if you add a rental or loaner vehicle to your account. Please email or call 515-294-3388 so we can ensure it is linked properly to the correct owner so you are not responsible for any citations when you are no longer driving it. 
  2. You are financially responsible for any citation recieved while a vehicle is on your account. 
  3. Students, Faculty, Staff, Vendors, Construction workers and any other ISU affiliates are NOT considered visitors and may be ticketed and towed if a visitor permit is linked to their vehicle. 
  4. Students, Faculty, Staff, Vendors, Construction worker and any other ISU affiliates are NOT allowed to request a visitor for themselves or on behalf of others.
  5. There is a minimum $150 citation for unauthorized possession of a visitor permit. If any of the groups of people listed above have a visitor permit registered in their name or another person's name and  have it linked to a vehicle they are driving, it is considered unauthorized possession.
  6. All permits are non-refundable.
  7. Not Valid in Student Residence lots during home football games, except for 112 and 201/202.