Student Information

Permit Options




Residence Hall Parking

Permits are required 24/7 in the residence hall lots. Parking at Residence Halls is limited and only available for students with housing contracts at each area


Commuter and Day Parking

Students can purchase permits to park in the commuter lots on campus or use meters and pay by stall lots. 


Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles do require a parking permit in residence hall parking lots and on campus. There are many parking areas on campus for motorcycles

Greek Community and Students Living Off Campus

Greek Community

Students living in Greek Housing may purchase a Stadium permit through the ISU Parking Portal.

Students Living Off Campus

Students living off campus and needing overnight parking may purchase a Stadium permit through the ISU Parking Portal.

Alpha Tau Omega

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity House, Ames, IA

Free Parking Options

All ISU Faculty/Staff, students and visitors can park in the designated Iowa State Center Lots during the day to ride the CyRide bus in to campus free of charge. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING ALLOWED. 

Park and Ride CyRide

Most General Staff and and pay lots open up for free parking on weekends and evenings Monday-Friday after 5:30pm until 7:00am. 

Free Parking Areas (Weekends & Evening after 5:30pm)