Vet Med

Parking at Veterinary Medicine

Student parking areas include lot 93, 94, 94A&B. Students may also park in the other campus commuter lots 29, 68 and 119 with vet med permit displaying. These permits are NOT valid in any other lot at Vet Med. Permits are processed on a first come first served basis and must be ordered through AccessPlus when available.

Fall 2022-23 Permits

Permits are available for purchase over the counter at the Parking Division Office. 

Permit Rules


Permits are nontransferable. You may not give your permit to another person. If you bring a different vehicle to campus, you many move your permit to that vehicle. Please notify the parking office of this change. If you no longer need a permit you may return it to the Parking Division office for a refund. All refunds are prorated monthly and will be issued to your Ubill. We do not issue a refund under $5.00.