Loaner Vehicle Request

A loaner vehicle is defined as a vehicle you are driving temporarily for a short period of time in place of your normal daily driver vehicle.


Please fill out this form with the required information for your loaner, rental or University vehicle that you will be using temporarily in place of your current vehicle. 

If you need to update, add or replace a permanent vehicle on your account, please fill out the Update Vehicle Form.

The loaner vehicle declared on this form shall be the only user of your permit during the time specified. It is your responsibility as the driver and permit holder to notify us as soon as you switch back to your original car, if different from the dates you listed. Failure to do so, will result in citation. 

If your normal vehicle is parked on ISU campus at the same time as your loaner vehicle, you will receive a citation as only 1 vehicle can use your virtual permit at a time. 

Contact Information

Full Name
Virtual Permit Type
Select current permit type

Loaner Vehicle Information

Enter the license plate number as it is displayed on your license plate on the vehicle you are temporarily driving.

If you don't have a license plate,  please provide the full VIN. 
The VIN is the number located on the lower corner on the drivers side of the windshield. 

Explanation & Duration

Duration cannot exceed 1 week. If you need the vehicle for longer than 1 week, please contact the Parking Office by email or phone to make other arrangements. 


I understand it is my responsibility to notify the Parking Division by email or phone once I am driving my current vehicle again. Failure to do so will result in citation. 

I understand that my regular vehicle cannot be parked on ISU campus while I am using my temporary vehicle. Failure to do so will result in citation.

I understand this is a short term rental not to exceed 1 week. If a longer amount of time is needed, I will contact the Parking Divsion by email or phone to make other arrangements.