Those who drive to campus on a daily basis have a few options:

Commuters can register their cars and apply for a permit.

  •  Lot 29 (this lot is north of Molecular Biology)
  •  Lot 68 (this lot is located off University Blvd near Haber Road); this lot would be closer for commuters with classes on the east and south side of campus.
  • Lot 119 (this lot is located at Wanda Daley Drive and Stange Road–a walking tunnel under the railroad tracks brings you out near Printing and Publications)
  • Lot 112N (this lot is located east of Frederiksen Court off of Habor Rd)
  • Lot 112L (this lot is located north of Frederiksen Court, off of 13th Street)

These permits will go on sale through AccessPlus Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 9AM for students living outside of Ames and 1/2C based or above Graduate Students. Permits will be sent to your home address.

The Commuter Lot at Iowa State Center - Commuters can park at the designated (A3, A4, B4, B5, B6) parking lots at the Iowa State Center for free and take Cy-Ride's Orange Route into campus. Overnight parking is not available in the commuter lots.  Ann Campbell Transit Station, Iowa State Center.

Paying on Campus Commuters have the option of paying to park each time they come to campus. Pay-by-the-hour machines are available in lot 100 (Lied Rec Center), East Campus Parking Deck on the east side of campus and lot 21 on the west end of campus. There are also meters in some of the lots, but carefully read the signs and meters as some have time limits that do not accommodate classes.

Ames Intermodal Facility (AIF)