Help Van

515 294-4444

If you are a student, faculty, staff or visitor at Iowa State, you are eligible for assistance from the HelpVan on campus.

There is no charge. Just dial 294-4444 and the Department of Public Safety Parking Division will dispatch the HelpVan to provide the equipment for any of the following services.

  • Jump-start.
  • Jacks, lug wrenches, or other tools needed to change a flat tire.
  • A ride to and from the nearest service station for assistance in getting fuel.
  • A shovel to allow you to scoop snow.

Department of Public Safety personnel can provide the necessary tools and instructions for changing a tire.  It is up to the officer's discretion to perform the actual tire change.

Hours of Operation:

  • 24/7  (University Holidays subject to Availability)


Services Available on Campus and Greek Community!