Faculty & Staff Permits

Faculty & Staff Permits

Parking permit eligibility and guidelines

Faculty and staff permits are valid for the whole fiscal year July 1 through June 30.

General Staff

Valid only in General Staff lots. There are many general staff lots located across ISU Campus. Many employees choose this permit because it is cost effective and gets you within walking distance of most buildings. You are not guaranteed a spot in a specific lot and stalls are filled daily on a first come first serve basis.

Ames Lab

Valid only in the designated areas of the Ames Lab lots 26 and 28AL near Spedding Hall and Metals Development Building. In the event that these lots are all full, you are allowed to park in General Staff lots 28, 29 or 30 for overflow parking.


These lots are located closer to core campus and are assigned based on availability. If the amount of requests exceed space availability, a waiting list will be created and ordered by years of service at Iowa State University. People on the list will be notified as spaces become available. Click here to Request Reserve Parking and be placed on the waiting list. 

Reserved permits are only valid in the designated reserve lot on the permit or in a General Staff lot all day.

24 Hour Reserve

Some lots contain individual spaces signed as "Reserved Parking 24HR". Special permission is required. Please contact the Parking Office for more information.

These permits are valid only for a specific stall matching the permit or in General Staff lots all day.


Medical parking is available for individuals who require special access to buildings. An ISU Medical permit is required.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles require permits to park on campus. Designated motorcycle stalls can be found on this map.

1 Day Scratch Permits for Staff and Retirees


The Parking Division is now offering a new one-day "scratch" permit for faculty, staff and retirees. The permits are valid in General Staff parking lots. The permits are for sale at the Parking Division - 27 Armory.


ISU Department Permits

Departmental Permit

Faculty of staff using a personal vehicle to conduct business around campus can use a Departmental permit to access short term parking near some buildings.

State Departmental Permit

This permit is valid in State and Federal vehicles only.