Important Dates - 2018 Online Parking Purchase and Renewal



Parking Permits for Students:                


Parking Permits for Lot 59A and Lot 62 are sold out                


  • New and transfer students with a signed contract may purchase parking permits beginning @ 9AM on the following dates.


  • Students living at RCA (Lot 63) – July 17


  • Students living at Legacy – July 17


  • Students living at UDA (Lot 59A Sold Out -Stadium and Lot 61 Permits still available ) July 19  


  • Students living at Buchanan/Geoffroy (Lot 62 Sold Out-Stadium and Lot 61 Permits still available) July 24


  • Students living at Wallace/Wilson - Frederiksen Ct and SUV – July 26


  • 1/2C or above Graduate Students may purchase Lot 29 permits beginning July 18 at 9AM. 


  • Commuter students may purchase Lot 29, 68, 119 permits beginning July 25 at 9AM. 


Permits will be sent to your University address before the start of classes


  • College of Veterinary Medicine students may begin purchasing Lot 93 permits April 3 at 9AM.

    • Vet Med permits will be delivered to the College

    • Students will be required to show an ID to obtain a permit.


  • Permits will be processed on a first come first served basis and MUST be ordered through AccessPlus.


  • Cost will be added to your U-Bill.



Ames Intermodal Facility Parking Permits are sold out



Staff Renew Parking Permit online - staff permits will be mailed the last week of June.

Eligible staff will be able to renew parking permits through AccessPlus April 5 @ 9AM through June 30, you may renew your parking permit using the Parking Division link on your Employee tab.


Parking Hours Office Hours:   Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4pm  May 7, 2018 - August 17, 2018