Improper parking in a space or stall designed for persons with disabilities

Fines established in Iowa Code §321L.4; subsection 2; §805.8A
Altering, forging or counterfeiting any parking permit $150
Unauthorized possession and use of a parking permit $150
Illegal Parking $50
Parking without an appropriate permit in a reserved lot or space $50
Failure to comply with signs regulating campus traffic flow $30
Improper parking $30
Improper use of roller skates, roller blades or skateboard $25
Improper use of a gate card $20
Overtime at parking meters $20
Failure to purchase a parking receipt $20
All other violations $20
Bicycle improperly parked $7.50
Improper affixing or failure to display a permit $5
Failure to display a current bicycle registration  $5
Moving Violation $60