Rules and Conditions

Permit Rules and Conditions

Lost/Stolen Permit

If your permit is lost or stolen, you must immediately report it to our office. You will need to fill out a report officially declaring your permit as lost or stolen. You may get a replacement permit, at no cost.

Permits are Not Transferrable

Under no circumstances may you sell, exchange or give your permit to someone else. This includes moving it to another vehicle without notifying the parking office. If a permit is in an unauthorized vehicle (not the vehicle it was originally registered) it may be ticketed and/or towed. All parking permits are non-transferable.

New Vehicle or Rental

If you are driving a different vehicle or using a temporary vehicle, contact the parking office with new vehicle information or fill out this the Vehicle Update form. You may move your permit to the new vehicle. If you are unable to move the permit, you will need to get a temporary permit. Important Note: You are only allowed to use one permit for one vehicle at a time. This means if your original vehicle is still parked on campus without a permit, you may receive a ticket.

Forgot your permit

If you are were driving a temporary vehicle and forgot to move you permit to your current registered vehicle, you can fill out the Forgot Permit form. If you received a ticket and you have a valid permit that was not displayed properly, you can fill out the “Failure to Display” form to lower the ticket fine to $5.