2022-2023 Parking Permit Price List

Permit prices are prorated. Permit prices decrease each month so you are only charged for the months you will use at the time you purchase the permit.  Contact the Parking Division Office at 515-294-3388 for the most current prices. 

The chart below shows the original full permit price. 

24-Hour Reserve $1045 year
Reserve $605 year
General Staff $193 year
Ames Lab $193 year
Departmental $226 year
State Departmental $226 year


$338 year
Motorcycle $64 year
Residence Halls $166 academic year
Frederiksen Court $166 academic year
Stadium $124 academic year
Commuter Student (Lots 29/68/119) $166 academic year
SUV $166 academic year
Summer Permits $45
Faculty/Staff Medicals $193 year
Student Medicals - For more information about medical permits, click here. $166