How to Use Pay by Stall Lots

Troubleshooting Pay by Stall Machines

How to Pay

Each pay by stall lot has 2 kiosks located in the lot. They are housed in a shelter to protect you from inclement weather. Accepted payments are cash, ParkMobile and Smart Card.

Step 1. Park

Park in a numbered stall and note the number associated with your stall.

Step 2. Locate Kiosk 

Locate 1 of the 2 kiosks in the lot or pay with ParkMobile immediately at your vehicle for contactless payment. The zone number is on the ParkMobile map and displayed on large stickers at the kiosks.

Step 3. Pay

If you chose to pay with ParkMobile skip this step.

Once at the kiosk, push any button to wake the screen. You will be prompted to enter your stall number, then hit "OK". Wait for the screen to flash "Insert Coins or Smart Card" before attempting to pay.


Insert coins one at a time. Wait for each coin to register before inserting the next coin. The time limit is displayed on the screen. Continue inserting coins until the desired time limit is reached. The machine will stop accepting coins when you have paid for the maximum time. 

Smart Card

Insert your smart card in the slot until you feel it click into place. DO NOT remove card until prompted to do so. Your current balance will be displayed. Add desired time limit using the keypad then click "OK". The machine will close payment when you have paid for maximum time. You may remove your card once the screen tells you to do so.

Step 4. Print Receipt

You will have the option to print a receipt if you wish to have it for your records. It is not necessary to display your receipt but you can if you would like.