Maps / Times

The following are links to maps that may be of use:


Hours of Enforcement

Pay by Stall Lots on Campus: Payment is required Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm

    • Lot 100 is on the east side of campus near the Lied Rec Center.
    • Lot 21 is on the west side of campus, next to the Armory.
    • East Campus Parking Deck pay area is located on Union Drive near Forker Building, or across from East and Heady Halls.


    Meters on Campus: Hours vary depending on location

    Read meter labels to determine hours of enforcement. If you need help reading the labels, check Understanding Meter Signs & Stickers.

    Metered Loading Zone Areas: Enforced All Hours All Days

    Green top meters with push buttons that allow free parking for 30 minutes.

    Many Staff Lots on Campus: Permits required Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm

    Free parking after 5:30pm on Friday until 7am Monday.

    Read signs carefully. Some lots and specific stalls require permits all hours of everyday.