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AMES, Iowa – With additional rain looming in the forecast, Iowa State officials are asking for fans’ patience and cooperation as it relates to parking and other issues for Saturday’s football game against North Dakota State at 11 a.m.

“We’ve received a lot of rain in the Ames area this week and with more possible prior to the game, we are asking fans to arrive extra early and show patience,” Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard said. “The parking staff will try to accommodate as many folks as possible, but there will be changes to normal protocol. Everyone’s understanding is appreciated.”

Here are some key points regarding parking:

  • Based upon current conditions and the potential for more rain, Iowa State officials have decided to close the public grass lots (G2, G3, G4, G5 or G8) south of the stadium. Should conditions improve and no additional rain falls, there is a slight possibility that portions of those lots could be utilized for automobiles only. The decision would be announced early Saturday.
  • There will definitely be no RV or bus parking in the public grass lots (G2, G3, G4, G5 or G8) nor in the Veterinary Medicine lots.
  • Individuals, who normally park in those lots, are encouraged to consider spaces in campus lots (click here and select the “parking lot” layer for a campus map; the red, yellow or blue lots will be available at no charge for fans). CyRide, the campus bus system, will operate as normal. Check the attachment for a map of CyRide’s routes.
  • Sections of Lot G7 (east of University Boulevard), reserved for Cyclone Club donors, are generally available even in wet conditions. Should conditions eliminate a portion of Lot G7 spaces, donors will be re-directed by parking attendants.
  • There will be no public parking at Hilton Coliseum on Saturday.

The best place to seek parking if your normal area is closed are in various campus lots (click here and select the “parking lot” layer; use the red, yellow or blue lots).

Because the condition of parking lots is a fluid situation, changes may occur at any time. The University will attempt to communicate changes as quickly as possible.

Additional updates on parking will be shared on Cyclones.com (click here for the Cyclone Gameday link) and via the athletics department’s various social media channels (Facebook or Twitter).


Permits will go on sale Monday, September 08 at 9am - Online Only

We are currently doing lot counts for the follwing parking lots

  • Lot 29 Commuter
  • Lot 68 Commuter
  • Lot119 Commuter
  • Lot 62 @ Buchanan Hall 
  • Lot 63 @ MWL 

We will post what lots will be availabe to purchase next week and they will go on sale Monday, September 08 at 9am 

Permits will only be available online through AccessPlus.   We will not be selling the permits over the counter.