Parking Permit Renewal Information

 Updated August 21, 2017

We have sold out of Towers permits online.  We have a limited number left at our office.  We will only sell these permits to students living in the residence halls at this time.  Please come to our office or call us at 515-294-3388 and request a Towers permit.  If we run out of permits we will do lot counts next week and post here if we have any available and how to purchase.

Waiting on a Parking Permit?

If you are waiting on your permit  - look below for information

If you ordered any pemrit on Friday, August 18 or after we will have those in office to pick up. Vet Med Permits will be taken to the OASA Office at Vet. Med.

  • Frederiksent Court Permits - If you ordered your permit online on or before August 8 your permit will be available for you at Hawthorne Court.  If you ordered after August 8 your permit can be picked up at the Parking Office.
  • SUV permits - have been mailed and will continue to be mailed
  • UDA, RCA (old and new) Buchanan, Geoffroy and Towers residents will receive their permit this weekend in your residence hall mailbox. 
  • Commuter Lots (29, 68, 119 ) were mailed on Wedneday, August 16 so you should receive on Friday or this weekend.
  • Lot 93 at Vet Med have been taken to Vet Med and will be distributed in mailboxes.  If you work at Vet Med and need a permit please come to the Parking Office. 
  • 112 L and 112 N permits will need to be purchased at the Parking Office. 


Returning and New Students LIving in Residence Halls:

If you are living in a residence hall and still need a parking permit please go through Access Plus and order the permit.  

Students living Off Campus needing parking:

Anyone living off campus and needs a parking permit, you can come to the Armory and purchsase a Lot 112L or 112N permit.  If we have space available at the Towers and Stadium we will sell them over the counter on Sept. 6, 2017.  You may stay in the 112 lot if you wish also.

Commuter lots 29, 68, and 119 are currently sold out. There is a large utility project in lot 29 taking spaces. We are in communication with the project manager to determine when more spaces will be available. Once the number of spaces and dates are known we will send an email to all lot 68 & 119 permit holders. They will have a set amount of days to exchange for lot 29. The email will have all the information. At this time only those with lot 68 and 119 permits will be allowed to get a lot 29 permit.

Beginning Monday, August 14, 2017 at 9:00 amOut of town commuter students, Grad Students and In town commuter students  will be offered an alternative option for commuter parking. We will be selling lots 112L (North of Frederiksen Court) and 112N (East of Frederiksen Court). There is a close CyRide stop. Permits will be available over the counter at the Parking Office Only (Room 27 Armory). If there are other commuter lots that have space open up in the future students may exchange subject to availability.

Beginning Monday, August 14, 2017 at 9:00 am - Greek Housing may purchase a Stadium permit over the counter at the Parking Office Only (Room 27 Armory) subject to availability.  In the event they are sold out students may purchase a 112L (North of Frederiksen Court) or 112N (East of Frederiksen Court). There is a close CyRide stop.  We have sold out of Towers permits at this time. 

Beginning Wednesday September 6 at 9:00 am -  Off Campus Housing may purchase a Stadium or Towers permit over the counter at the Parking Office Only (Room 27 Armory) subject to availability.

A reminder that you may park at the Iowa State Center Commuter lots at no charge and ride CyRide’s Orange Route to campus.

Academic year permits for Residence Hall Lots, Commuter Lots and Vet Med are $148 and Stadium Permits are $107


Our normal hours of 7:30am - 4:30pm will resume August 14, 2017


The Parking Division Office will be open Saturday, August 19 from 9am - 1pm.