Welcome To Parking

We hope you will find all of the information stored in these pages both useful and helpful. Thank you from all of the staff at Parking.

Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can contact us by phone at 515-294-3388. For our location and other contact information, check the "About Us" page.

We sold permits over the counter at 7:30am on January 20, 2016  - I have listed below the permits we are sold out of and the permits we still have available.  

 NO spaces available in the following lots:

Lot 63 - Maple Willow Larch

Lot 29  - Commuter lot north of Molecular Biology

59A  - UDA  (sold out)

Lot 62 - Buchanan  (sold out)


We still have space available in the following lots:

Lot 61  - Towers

Lot 112 - Freddy Court

Lot 119 - Commuter lot on Stange Road north of Railroad tracks

Lot 201/202 - SUV lots


Lot 68 - Commuter Lot North of Lied Rec

AIF Uncovered - Parking deck on Hayward Ave.

AIF Covered - Parking deck on Hayward Ave