Where to Park

    The Commuter Lot at Iowa State Center -

    Visitors can park at the designated (A3, A4, B4, B5, B6, C5, C6) parking lots at the Iowa State Center for free and take Cy-Ride's Orange Route into campus. Vehicles cannot remain in the Iowa State Center lots past Midnight before ISU Football gamedays. Overnight parking is not available in the commuter lots.

    Metered and Pay by Stall Parking

    There are multiple locations for which you can pay for a limited time to park on campus, if you do not have a permit. Acceptable forms of payment are cash coins, ParkMobile or Smart Card.

    Selected Hours of Enforcement

    Designated campus lots open up for free parking weekdays after 5:30pm until 7am and on weekends after 5:30pm on Friday until Monday at 7am. See the Weekend Parking Map for areas offering free parking on weekends and evenings. Read signs carefully as some lots required a permit all hours of every day. Medical/handicapped stalls, 24 hour all hours all days stalls, and other specifically restricted stalls are enforced. Signs at the entrances and individual stalls in each lot, will dictate the parking regulations.

    Visiting Students at Residence Halls

       DO NOT park in the Residence Hall student lots, unless you have a visitor permit. These lots require permits all hours of every day, including overnights and weekends.

       DO NOT park in 24 Hour Reserve Stalls (RED signed stalls) in Residence Hall lots. These stalls are reserved for specific vehicles all hours of every day, including overnights and weekends. Vehicles illegally parked in these stalls will be ticketed and towed as the signs clearly state.

      DO park in the Communter Lots, metered and Pay by Stall parking and designated open parking described in the above sections.