Visitor Voids

Beginning July 1, 2018 visitors will be allowed 1 visitor void in a lifetime.


Your vehicle was parked in violation of the university parking rules and regulations.

A visitor is any person who owns, operates or parks a vehicle on the university campus who is not a faculty, staff, vendor, construction worker or student.

Visitors may return 1 violation citation in a lifetime.  Violations excluded from visitor voiding status includes, but are not limited to: Medical, Altering/Counterfeiting, Unauthorized Possession or Illegal Parking.

A visitor void must be requested within 75 days from the issue date on the citation. 

Once a citation is paid, it no longer qualifies for a visitor void.

Visitors enrolled in conferences or short courses more than one week long are considered students. Faculty members who are in charge of conferences or short courses may apply to the DPS Parking Division Office for special permits for these needs.

If you wish to fill out the form for a visitor void please continue.

Violations may be paid in person to the Department of Public Safety . Parking Division, 2519 Osborn Drive or by mail in the accompanying envelope. Your citation must accompany full payment.