Visitor Voids

A visitor is only allowed one visitor void per person in a lifetime.

Any person who operates a vehicle titled/registered to faculty, staff or student will NOT be covered by visitor status.

ISU Police Moving Violations are NOT eligible for a visitor void.


A visitor is defined as an individual who owns, operates or parks a vehicle on ISU Campus and is not currently affiliated to Iowa State University in any way. Likewise, the vehicle receiving the citation cannot be affiliated to any one who is Faculty, Staff, Student, Graduate Student, Vendor, Contractor or Construction Worker. If you have received a citation and you are a visitor to Iowa State University, you have three options. You may pay the citation, request a visitor void or appeal the citation.

Visitors enrolled in conferences or short courses more than one week long are considered students. Faculty members who are in charge of conferences or short courses may apply to the DPS Parking Division Office for special permits for these needs.

Special policies govern citations issued to visitors on the ISU campus. Visitors are not able to visitor void any Medical, Altering/Counterfeiting, Unauthorized Possession or Illegal Parking Violations. If you received any violation other than what was listed previously and you believe you should not have received a citation, you may request a visitor void within 75 days from the date the citation was issued. Once a citation is paid, it no longer qualifies for a visitor void.  If you have already been granted a visitor void in the past, you will not be eligible for another and have the option to file an appeal.