Smart Cards

Smart Cards for Pay by stall lots available at Armory and City Hall

Smart Cards are available at the Parking Division - 27 Armory. Cardholders can put cash up to $150 cash on a card. There is a $5.00 one time fee to purchase the Smart Card and you can add money at anytime by stopping by 27 Armory. The cards are valid at pre-pay stalls in lots 21 (West of the Armory) and 100 (West of the Lied Center) and the East Parking Deck and all designated parking meters.

The City of Ames at 515 Clark Avenue sells Smart Cards during regular business hours.  They accept cash and check to a limit of $50.  Smart Cards are valid at any city meters with a smart card sticker. 

Smart Cards used in meters do allow reimbursement for unused time only to the original card used.

This card is not valid at the Memorial Union Parking Ramp.

Iowa State University shall not be responsible for reimbursements of the Card's value in cases of lost, theft, or mutilation of the Card, or use by a third person.  No refunds shall be granted.