Medical Permits

You must present a D.O.T. Placard to the Parking Division in order to get an ISU Medical Permit. We will no longer accept letters from doctors or physicians.

If you would like to explain an extenuating circumstance that does not allow you to obtain a state-issued DMV accessible placard, you may fill out this form. If you encounter barriers to filling out this form, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 515-294-7612.

ISU medical permits can be obtained from the Parking Office 2519 Osborn Drive Room 27 Armory Building. Students, faculty and staff  must present a current valid Department of Transportation parking permit for persons with disabilities in order to obtain an ISU medical permit. The person that is needing a medical permit must bring in the DOT Medical Permit into our office.

ISU medical permits are valid in the following areas:

  • Medical spaces with the exception of personalized stalls

  • Metered spaces up to 2 hours without payment

  • General Staff lots all day

  • Vendor Stalls for up to 2 hours

  • Loading Zones for up to 2 hours


ISU Parking requires an ISU medical permit in addition to a Department of Transportation issued placard to park in any ADA or medical stalls on campus

The fine for illegal parking in a medical stall is $200. These stalls are enforced 24-hours a day, every day.

If you have any questions regarding medical permits, please call (515) 294-3388.

Medical Stalls and Accessible Entrances on ISU Campus