Vehicle Permits

Permit Eligibility Guidelines

Permits Rules and Conditions

A Parking Permit is Required for All Vehicles on Campus

Please visit the Parking Office during regular business hours to purchase a parking permit. 


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Staff lots on campus require a parking pass all year round. Permits are valid for the whole fiscal year July 1st to June 30th. Options for short term staff permits are available for individuals with special circumstances.


A student is anyone enrolled in classes at ISU. Student residence halls and commuter lots on campus require a parking pass while classes are in session, including summer sessions. Availability may be limited. On sale dates will be announced on the Parking Division homepage.


Individuals with an outside business conducting work on ISU Campus will need a vendor permit to park in stalls near most buildings. There are also options to pay for a meter or a stall in a pay by stall lot for a limited time.

ISU Departmental Permits

Faculty and Staff using personal vehicles to conduct business on campus can use department funds to purchase and Departmental permit. This permit allows individuals to park in metered, loading zone, and Vendor/Departmental stalls for a limited time to conduct business.


Students, faculty or staff driving a motorcycle, moped or motorized scooter to campus require a permit to park. Parking is restricted to designated areas.

Medical Parking

ISU Medical permit are required for students, faculty and staff who need access to close parking for medical reasons. A DOT medical permit is required to request an ISU Medical permit.


Parking is limited on ISU campus, but there are various options for construction and contractor parking available.


Retired Faculty and Staff of Iowa State University may pay to park at metered spaces, purchase a permit or park at the Iowa State Center Lots.


Visitor parking on campus is limited to metered and pay by stall parking in select lots, in addition to the free parking available at the Iowa State Center lots. Visitors do have the option to purchase a visitor permit, which would allow access to Residence Hall and General Staff lots.

Bicycle Registration

Register your bicycle and read about important bicycle information.