Vehicle Permits

All vehicles on campus need to have a parking permit.

Students - anyone taking classes at Iowa State
Faculty & Staff - faculty or staff employees of Iowa State
Commuters - typically students living outside of Ames city limits
Visitors - visitors to campus
Motorcycles - students, faculty or staff driving a motorcycle or moped to campus
Medical Parking - students, faculty or staff requiring a medical permit
Retirees - Retired faculty or staff of Iowa State University
Vendor - Individuals with an outside business conducting work on campus
Departmental - Faculty or staff using personal vehicle to conduct business

Please see the designated area for more specific information.

  • If your permit is lost or stolen immediately report it to our office. You will need to fill out a report officially declaring your permit lost or stolen. For a $5 fee, you may get a replacement permit.
  • Under no circumstances may you sell, exchange or give your permit to someone else, this also includes moving it to another vehicle. If a permit is in an unauthorized vehicle ( not the vehicle it was originally registered), it may be ticketed and/or towed. All parking permits are non-transferable.
  • If you are a student and have a sticker permit on your car and you bring a different car, remove sticker permit and put on new car.  Please send an email to with the new vehicle information.
  • If you forget your hang tag in another vehicle go to the main Parking homepage and log into "Forgot my permit".
  • If you have a valid permit and forgot to display it and received a citation, go to the main Parking homepage and log into "Failure to display".  This reduces your citation to $5.


Parking Permit Allowability Guidelines

November 1, 2009

General and Reserved Permits for Employees:

Employees paid by ISU (including affiliated organizations and ISU students) are responsible for personally purchasing an ISU permit if they intend to park a personal vehicle on campus.  University funds cannot be used to pay for personal permits. 

Employees who receive a University vehicle as part of their employment contract (and whose primary work location is not away from central campus) are responsible for personally purchasing an ISU permit. 

Permits for University Vehicles:

Permits for all other University vehicles that are not part of an employment contract may be purchased from University funds.   

Additional Permits Available to Departments:

Departments may purchase from University funds departmental permits for use by staff/vendors needing temporary, short-term access to different areas of campus.   In rare situations where availability of parking is severely limited and/or where access is needed for longer periods of time than short-term permits would allow, it may be more practical to purchase general or reserved permits to ensure the most efficient use of employees’ time. To prevent misuse of departmental permits, units are strongly encouraged to retain permits in the departmental administrative offices and check permits out to staff as needed.   

Departments may purchase permits from University funds that are for use by temporary visitors/volunteers who are not part of the University’s payroll.  

Permits Purchased from Federal Funds:

Permits purchased from federally funded sponsored accounts or appropriations must include a business justification that documents the purpose of the permit to the sponsored project. 

ISU Employees Housed Away From Central Campus:

Employees whose primary work location is away from central campus without ISU provided parking system lots may use permits purchased by their departments for temporary, short-term access to different areas of campus.  


1 Day Scratch Permits for Staff and Retirees

The Parking Divison is now offering a new one-day "scratch" permit for faculty, staff and retirees. The permits are valid in General Staff parking lots. The permits are for sale at the Parking Divsion - 27 Armory.