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Individuals with an outside business conducting work on ISU Campus will need a vendor permit to park in stalls near most buildings. There are also options to pay for a meter or a stall in a pay by stall lot for a limited time.


Iowa State University Construction Contractor Parking Guide


Parking is a limited resource on the Iowa State University campus. It is important that all drivers utilizing vehicles on campus follow the traffic and parking rules and regulations to assure that the limited parking is utilized in the most effective and efficient manner possible such that the needs of all students, faculty, staff and the companies/organizations that conduct business on campus can be met. The following information is provided to help contractors working on projects on the Iowa State University campus understand the options that are available for parking their vehicles.  

Designated Project Construction

Contractor parking is limited to areas or spaces specifically designated in the Contract Documents for construction parking. Facilities Planning and Management will identify and coordinate the construction parking and staging areas with Parking Services and any inquiries regarding construction parking shall be made to Facilities Planning and Management.

On projects where a fenced construction site area is designated, the Contractor is expected to coordinate staging within the fenced area to accommodate the close proximity parking needs of the project. No parking permit is required for parking within the fenced area. Vehicles parked outside the fence line are subject to citation. On projects where a fenced construction site area is designated or where on-site parking is limited, the Owner’s Representative may designate a limited number of parking spots in close proximity to accommodate the close proximity parking needs of the project. These spaces will be provided to the contractor without charge and are intended to be used primarily for loading/unloading construction material, supplies, and equipment or vehicles that need frequent in/out access to the site. It is not intended that parking will be provided for the personal vehicles for workman on the site. Signs will be installed designating these spaces specifically for construction parking. No parking of Contractor vehicles or the private vehicles of the Contractor’s employees will be permitted in areas other than those shown on the drawings and approved by the Owner’s Representative. Areas outside of the construction site where parking is provided will be identified in the bidding documents. All workmen requiring parking that cannot be accommodated on a construction site may park in the southwest corner of the Iowa State Center parking lot (see below).

The contractor storage area located on Wanda Daley Drive may not be utilized for daily parking of vehicles for construction personnel. Storage of construction equipment will not be allowed unless specifically approved by the Owner’s Representative. Under no circumstances shall the construction storage area be utilized for vehicle maintenance activities.

Iowa State Center Parking

Workers may park in the southwest corner of the Iowa State Center parking lot without charge (Parking Lots A3, A4, B4, B5, B6). Transportation of workers from designated parking to and from the job site is the Contractor's responsibility. Shuttle bus service is available from the Iowa State Center parking lot to campus via the Cy-Ride Orange Route. Route schedules are available on-line or at various locations on campus. The shuttle service is intended to handle personnel transportation only. No construction materials, equipment, or supplies are allowed on shuttles. Contractors who desire overnight parking of vehicles utilized to shuttle workers to project sites should contact Iowa State University Parking Division to make the necessary arrangements. The Iowa State Center lots may not be used for staging of construction material deliveries or truck parking without approval of the Owner’s Representative.

Construction General Staff Permits for Contractors Holding Time and Material Contracts

Contractors who hold time and material contracts with the university may purchase up to two Construction General Staff Parking Permits, issued by ISU Parking Division, to be used on campus. August 2015 Contractor shall pay for the costs of these permits and shall be considered as part of Contractor’s overhead. These permits provide all hours parking in designated general staff parking areas. These permits may be purchased in addition to any vendor permits purchased.

Access to specific work sites for unloading/loading of materials and parking, other than general staff parking areas, are to be coordinated with the Owner’s Representative on a per project basis if needed.

Material and Equipment Deliveries

Where the designated parking is not adequate to accommodate material and equipment deliveries to a project work site, deliveries may need to be scheduled outside of normal hours. Normal hours should be considered to be 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Coordinate major equipment deliveries with the Owner’s Representative assigned to the project.

Vendor Permits

Vendor permits are available to companies/organizations that will be doing business at Iowa State University. Companies/organizations are limited to two permits. Vendor permits may be requested at the Iowa State University Parking Division, 27 Armory, Ames, IA 50011. Full payment is required at the time of the request. Rates are available here. Vendor permits are not intended or appropriate for all day, everyday parking of contractor vehicles.

Vendor Permits are valid:

  • In standard 30 min loading zones for two hours, unless sign restricts dept/vendor to a designated time.
  • At Parking meters for two hours without payment, Pay by stall lots are considered a meter
  • In vendor/departmental stalls for the designated time
  • In General Staff lots for no time limit

Daily Vendor permits are also available for those companies/organizations that are only occasional visitors to campus. Daily Vendor permits can be obtained at the Iowa State University Parking Division for $10.00 per day.

Tickets / Citations

Vehicles parked on ISU property are subject to all ISU Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations. It is the General Contractor’s responsibility to inform the subcontractors of the parking policies and arrangements for the project and to enforce these policies. Vehicles illegally parked may be issued a citation and/or towed away and impounded. Contractors are responsible for fines incurred by vehicles or workman associated with projects they hold contracts on. Unpaid parking fines will be deducted from the contract amount if not promptly paid. Parking privileges may be withdrawn or denied to individuals or companies who consistently violate parking rules and regulations on campus. For additional information on Tickets / Citations, click here

Traffic Restricted Areas

Traffic is restricted by traffic control gates in some areas of campus (Osborn Drive, Farmhouse Lane, Morrill Road). Where the designated contractor parking is in areas of campus where traffic is restricted, gate cards will be issued to the Contractor. Acceptance of the contract is contingent upon return of gate cards. Contractors should minimize congestion in these areas to the greatest extent possible by limiting traffic to and from project sites during class change times.